Religion in France

Religion in France

People used to know that France’s majority of people practice Roman Catholicism. Buy this is not the case now as many things have changed and French people comprise of different religions. During the non-republican regimes, precisely before the French Revolution; French people widely practiced Roman Catholicism. Nowadays, the religious borders have been broken and the religions include Catholic Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many other branches of Protestantism along with Russian Orthodoxy and Hinduism. In fact, you will see people who believe in Armenian Christianity and Sikhism.

Religion in FranceSo, in this article, we are going to talk about the religion in France in detail to make sure you know exactly about the religious condition in France.

As we have said that the practice of Catholicism has been long gone, less than half of the French people have are from the Catholic religion. According to a study in 2011, 45% of French people were Christian. On the other hand, around 35% of French people had no religion. Additionally, only three (3%) percent of the entire population were Muslims.

Furthermore, if we consider the church attendance in France, France will be among the lowest ranking country in the world. Only a handful of the people attend church like less than 10% of the total population. Despite this denomination, France value Catholicism more than any other religion in the country.

Religion in FranceAlong with Catholicism, you will find that French people also practice laicité or secularism, which is, in fact, a major identity of the French republic. What’s more, France is not the country where you will see religious ceremonies are hosted. If you look into the USA or Britain, you will see people are actively hosting and attending religious functions. Even the politicians take part in different events with religious leaders. But, as for France, the position of religion in public is very private and limited.

In addition, the schools or the colleges and the universities don’t promote religion like the USA or Britain. In fact, religion is a taboo subject in the education sector in France with many consider it as a private thing in their life. However, with the passage of time, many things have changed in France and there has been an increase in Muslims. Although the schools and colleges don’t take any religious classes in state schools, a few national programs are promoting religion in France. The main objective is to make young people aware of the French religions and history art and culture.

Religion in FranceIf any parents in France want to teach their kids about religion, they can do it by enrolling their children in state schools but this has to be outside the usual school hours. On a side note, around 18% of the French children are in ‘confessional schools and most of these kids are from the Catholic religion. In truth, religion condition in France has been changing slowly and people are taking religion seriously. So, let us know what your thoughts about the religion in France are by commenting below.