7 Tips for Selling Your House in France

Tips for Selling Your House in France

When the number of sellers is more than the number of buyers, it becomes a complicated buying scenario for regular people. With that being said, if you are trying to sell your French home, it will be a more difficult situation. For this reason, you will need every bit of small details to ensure your property is appealing in the eyes of the buyers. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best tips sell your house in France to make sure you can easily sell your house. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Tips for Selling Your House in France

  1. First of all, if you have replaced or have made some adjustments to your central heating system, don’t think that these changes will reflect in your asking price. All the potential buyers would want an up-to-date house where everything is fine. In addition, if you cover up the faulty parts of your home, it would be a great mistake. Before showing your house to the buyers, you must ensure you have done a specific diagnostic survey of your home.
  2. When you are setting your asking price, you should be careful because it is one of the significant considerations of selling houses in France. Many homeowners think that they are the ones who decide the asking price. But in reality, the housing market dictates the price of each house sold in France. Therefore, you should consult with an agent as he or she might have a better understanding and knowledge of the housing market.
  3. The next piece of advice would be to give as much as information to the agent. After signing the mandat de vente (before the marketing starts), you should make everything clear to your agent such as the title deeds, floor areas, floor plans, taxes, and so on. All these information will speed up the selling process. Additionally, you would be better off if you make a list of the yearly incurred costs, which are associated with running the house. This allows the agent to make a copy of the cadastral plan for selling your house.
  4. If you are planning to sell the property without signing for an agency, you must be careful. The reason is whoever buys your house would bear all the costs. In that case, it would be wise if you assign an agency to sell your house because it will cost you nothing as the vendor. Also, it will help you in avoiding hassles related to selling the house.
  5. Tips for Selling Your House in FranceNow, since you have done all the hard work to make your house sellable, you should be wary of the rate of exchange. The thing is the rate of exchange could change dramatically between the date of an offering and the date of the completion. You should contact a few currency transfer brokers to ensure you get the best deal for transferring money back to the US. In fact, you can save much money on the deal as well. You can even make a two-year forward contract to avoid the risk of drastic flip in the exchange rate.
  6. If you have made every detail clear to your agent, you may now allow him or her to visit the house on their own. Remember that if you are with the buyer all the time, he or she may be put off by your presence. The reasoning behind this logic is, they may feel they cannot scrutinize your house in front of your house. Therefore, you should give them space and allow the buyer to feel your house.
  7. If you have made any renovations to your home such as using British electrics or plumbing instead of French systems, you should make your agent aware of the fact. Never hide this fact as the potential buyer must know what is compatible or what is not in your house.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you must be absolutely sure about selling your home because if you change your mind later (after you have signed the compromise de vente), it will create a conflict between you and your agent. Only the buyer has this right (10 days after buying the house). So, follow these tips and let us know your thoughts by commenting below.